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OMG the new season of Fairy Tail has been released! so many NaLu scenes in both the opening theme song, ending theme song and in the episode itself.
Watch it English subbed here if you haven't watched it yet:… :)
So last chapter we were left off at a cliff hanger with Natsu and Jackal's fight about to begin. In this chapter, their fight was continued.

Jackal started the fight by attacking and destroying the village, making Lucy scream at him in anger and Natsu furious.

Natsu directly attacked Jackal but sent off his fire-y attack on Natsu before the dragon slayer can reach him. Unfortunately for him, Natsu ate the fire and Jackal's attack became useless on him.

Natsu then delivered his punches and kicks at him but Jackal was still strong enough to stop and tell Natsu something. But being the dense Natsu he is, he ignored Jackal and continued to beat him multiple times.

Meanwhile, Mikelo was deep in thought of what Tartarus would want with the council members. Then what came into his mind was something called "Faith- The white inheritance" which only a few council members knew.

After beating Jackal, Natsu then ask Mikelo if he knew something which the old man denied furiously. Jackal then stood up, a bit beaten by Natsu, and lectured the dragon slayer to let people finish when they're talking. He then told him that whoever or whatever touches him turns into bombs.

Happy then came rushing to him but Natsu warned him, Lucy and Wendy not to come near him, much to Lucy's disapproval.

In the next scene we see a huge explosion coming from Natsu, with Lucy (I'm assuming it's Lucy. It was either her or Happy who screamed his name XD) screaming his name as he exploded.

And then we were left with another cliff hanger, Jackal demanding information from Mikelo and threatening to kill Mikela .

NaLu/GrUvia pairing corner:
None so far. Except for Lucy concerning about Natsu during his fight and giving Jackal a deadly glare as Natsu's beaten body lay on the ground. (Hey even I would be pissed off if someone beat the crap out of my boyfriend XD)

Next week's chapter: Two bombs
(People say that gemini might appear in the next chapter due to the "two" in the title. I'm guessing Lucy will try to fight Jackal and I do hope some miracle will happen and she will beat him XD)

Spread the love, not the hate! :heart: :iconpuuunplz:
Please share your thoughts on this chapter. :)
Yeah so I don't know if you guys have heard already (I just saw this on tumblr a few minutes ago and I couldn't resist not to spread the word even more XD) but there's this mobile card fighting game in Japan and has been released, now available for android phones.

Here's the download link… I got from this site:… you can check it out for more information as well.
and this too…

Why am I sharing this? I couldn't resist the pictures:

not really a pairing, unless if you ship yuri, but I think they both looked so freakin bad assed here :la:

The art so damn awesome :D lol it kinda reminds me of Danganronpa though XD I want to download this in my phone but my android phone isn't compatible for the game so sad me D: so tell me what you guys experienced if you get to play this game successfully :D

Official app site:…
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Hello there NaLu and GrUvia fans and supporters! :icononionhiplz:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

So as the group name says, this group is dedicated for NaLu (Natsu x Lucy)
and GrUvia (Gray x Juvia)
fans. In this group you can post you fan arts, doujinshis, memes, fanfictions, and other more stuffs that are related to the four characters only. We accept any types of artworks and literature be it have mature content or not :)
This group was also made to spread the love between these characters and not the hate or not to step on other pairings that other peple might prefer :) SO SPREAD THE LOVE, NOT THE HATE PEOPLE! :D
Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

You are more than welcome to join this group so click that "join our group" button now! :iconjoyplz: :icongoodjobplz:
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Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser are characters from the anime Fairy Tail and are owned by Hiro Mashima :)





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